Monday, January 7, 2008

Looking back

Well thinking about this past year I have discovered that there has been some interesting things. One i Love once again to a new place which it helped me to regain some happy thoughts because i was becoming a downer due to my situation.

The house i moved into which I like to call the Geto house. Now the reason for its name is because it looked like it the sixty's blow up in it because of the horrendous painting job of bright orange and yellow. I haven't even got to the kitchen which as florescent green I swear they are painted counter tops. the worst part about the house is the wood window frames with the window panes built into to it.

I discovered face book which Intel's me to keep in touch with my friends and make new ones as well. the thing that surprised me the most about face book was that my mother joined. granted she only checks her account once and a while but its great to see her keeping up with the times.

Well i felt this year i need to make a change in my jobs because i wasn't being challenge anymore so i went part time working for catholic social services to working full time with Cheers by design/CEO doing wedding, galas, and corporate events. Well turns out i was given too much responsibility for one person and by the end of the year decided that i wanted to go back to school. So i went down to part time and looked a schooling.

No there are some sad moments of the my year and the is the loss of my dear cat Ezra. she went out side and never came back. The cat came back the very next day didn't happen. I believe she has adopted a new family and I don't believe i will every see her again. Not to fear I got a new cat form a family that could no longer have the cat, her name is Chloe. She went into heat just before i was leaving for Christmas vacation and I left my roommate and a friend to listen to her meow all day long. She is awesome, she plays fetch, loves to cuddle, and play. I don't know if you have ever see the "Sparta" cat on YOU TUBE but i think she is like that cat because she always bits me. Speaking of YOU TUBE i discovered Achmed the dead terrierst. Jeff Dunham is so funny.

Yes i went home for Christmas and it was great. I got to see family i haven't seen in about 9 years. We laugh, cried, and my mom shed some tears of joy because she now retired from working at the bank. Oh and my brother is now engaged to a wounderful person and it happen on Christmas day. There wedding is going to be in the summer of 2008. They are talking about a gumboot wedding what ever that is. I pesonaly don't like gumboots because of the horendus memories of lossing them in quicksand mud as a child.