Monday, June 9, 2008

Midnight thoughts

Well its 2 am and I have a million thoughts running through my mind. I am wondering about life and where I am headed. I am going to be embarking on a journey that will make me grow into a professional photographer. I am going to be doing this all by correspondence. This is really scary to me because I have never done anything like this with school. I have always been the kind of girl who sits a the front of the class room, looking like a keener. I have always had a passion for taking photos took some classes in high school but never went any further. Ever since I purchased a Canon Rebel that uses film that passion has returned. I know its all about trial and error with film and i have seen where I can improve. I recently had the opportunity to take photos with a digital camera that my best friend let me use while on my vacation to Utah and San Fransisco. I don`t have any of those photos yet but hopefully soon and I will explain them to all that read this. Any way I really want to get a digital camera to see my results quicker. The school I will be taking it through is New York institution of photography. I have a friend that will be taking this will me, we both have this passion

I recently went on a photo shoot of Twilger Park and the Legislative building. Some of the shots of me were not pleasant but here goes nothing.

Me and Barb a friend of mine were driving around and spotted this Monument. I thought it looked interesting.

This is my friend Barb, she was a lot of fun when we were out shooting photos. There are some funny ones of her that make me laugh and brings out her personality.

I thought this was funny... Its locked and no one is home.

My first thoughts of this pictures was humpty dumpty.

Every body was Kungfu Fighting.

We hiked through some muddy hills, walked through ant hills got get right by the water to get these shots. I will do almost any thing to get shots likes this. I only wish I had a digital and a telephoto lens.

The trails were captivating and inspiring. Its amazing how you are in a city when you are in the parks around Edmonton, it dosen`t seem like your in a city when you can get this close to nature.

The Funnest thing we saw that day was Asparagus growing randomly in the forest by the river. It was such a shock we took a picture of it.

The to the ledge we went, one of my favorite
places to take photos of people.

The Parliament building. I love the Arctic of this building.

Barb and Me doing our thing for a photo op.

I really like this tree it has aways inspired me. We did take pictures of us in the tree but I don`t like how I trued out in it. Man it was a pain to get into that tree.

I love this pic of me I actually look good.

I was trying to be creative with this one but I didn`t quite get it right maybe next time. In this picture it is Barb and Megan.

My first Family portered I don`t think i did too bad. I know this family because i lived with the girl in the photo for about a year before she got married. Now they have a beautiful son.

The was a group of grads that were taking pictures and I thought i could get a great shot of all of them. They all looked fabulous. The ledge is a popular place to take weddings, grads and family photos.

Well I am hoping that some of these shots have potential and that maybe one day i will be able to take even better photos. These are my thoughts at new 3 am PS just to make by friend happy i had to post lots of photos. LOL