Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A tribute to Amazing, wonderful Women

I have been thinking about all the blessing I have had in my life. I had an overwhelming feeling come over me and the women that are listed here all came to my mind. I would say most of them are sent from my Heavenly Father that knows me. Its not so much the number of women in my life that have I have been blessed by. Its how they have affected me.

I would like to pay tribute to a few of them. First and foremost is my Mother. For some, that read this know that I am adopted and I was raised by a great person. My mother has wisdom, insight, humble, endurance, and Love beyond her years. She knew that I was to be apart of her family even before she knew. My mother stopped at nothing so that I can have the best education possible. My mother loves to read and I have always loved that she educates her mind all the time. She has passed it to me because I love being educated. She always encourage me to never settle for anything that you want. The sky is the limit. My mother has taught me that no mater what happened that you need to endure to the end. I know my mother will always be there Even thought the eternity's. She taught me to seek for eternally family.

Second is my grade five resource room Teacher. I can honestly say that she is a marvelous person. She has showed me courage, strength, kindness, selfless and charity. This Teacher is a teacher that would go the extra mile for a student. She has shown such sacrifice of her own personal life to help all her students. She would call this being a work alcoholic and being a perfectionist. I don't see it that way. I would go and help her to get of the school before 7 o'clock on a Friday so that she could have some time to her self. I say she has strength and courage because of her own personal struggles. I have seen her come through with a new brightness upon her and its demonstrated through her husband and children. She is full of so many talents that it cease to amaze me what else she is capable of. She was one of the person who has helped me through some of my things with out showing a hesitation. She taught me that its okay to sacrifice your time for some one else

Third is my friend who is also a teacher. The words that describe this person is funny, Solidity, wisdom and endurance. A single mom who is devoted to helping her children active what they want in life (with in reason). If I have ever seen a women who has had trial have trial in the life its is her, in yet she has positive out look on life. She has taught me that what you put out into the world is what you are going to get back. That takes will power to keep your mind focused on the good things in life. She never gave up on me, for example when I was failing Social studies and had to re due the class. She took the time out to tutor me because she and I both knew I could pass this class. She has always been there when I need someone to chat to about my crazy life. She taught me to look forward not back wards

This friend I have known since I was 12 years old watch her raise a family of five boys. I look at this woman and think a great example of virtue, patience, love and charity. I remember her helping get my young women's Medallions. She was determined that I would get them before I left young woman's. She knew I could do these things. I would go over to here house to work on these goals and you know what she and I did complete them all. All I can say is that is women is good example because she got me to actually attend Young Woman's camp for my first and last time in Young woman. I know she is always there for me and helps me keep things in perspective and real. I am great full for her example and her children. She taught me to show humility.

WOW this friend is also a teacher but retired. I think I really connect well with teachers. She is inspired by divine inspirations, humble, talented, and charitable. This woman is remarkable who is and has devoted her time in helping those that are less fortunate by making baby packages for baby's that are in need. She is inspired by the spirit because I recall a time when I first met this outstanding woman. She was specking to our congregation and I knew she was specking to me. Even though I never met her. I know that she too was sent to me to guide me though what I need to go though. She has such strong values and she is always teaching or reminding me what I need or could be doing to help myself out. She is the kind of person that her home is always open. She taught me to endure to the end.

My Best friend is an outstanding woman of faith, virtue, endurance, strength and unconditional love. I have know this women for a long time. She was one of the girls in my life that had always been there when I need anything. We have so much in common. I believe we knew each other before we came to earth because of our instant friendship. She is the kind of person to never give up on someone and hopes that they will see their true potential. She has a faith in that is reflected in her countenance. I admire her for her strength, courage and endurance. She has taught me true faith.

I can say that all these women have given me something I will be able to pass on to my children when I have them. They have shown me what pure love is, pure charity is, true beauty is, humility is, Faithfulness is and have Saved me in some form or another. No mater what is happening in my life I knew that I could turn to any one of these women and have a safe haven to go to if i need one. I know that I am the person I am to day because of these women. Each of them have touched my heart and I only pray that I can be able to touch the lives around me.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blogging edicet

I have recently come a cross a blogger that I was really disappointed in. This Blogger was venting and complaining about a gift they had received from a family member. They Clearly didn't like the gift and thought it was tacky. I know everyone is entitled to there own option in Blogging but I do how ever realizes that there needs to be some edicet for this Blogger. So I have thought of edicet rules

1) Be Smart, Blogging is not for personal Journal such as Venting Frustration about friends and family.

2) Be Positive, Dissing your in laws gift is a BIG NO NO

3) Be Funny, Tell funny stories that happen but leave out hurtful things

4) Be True, would you like to read things about you that are mean

5)Be Humble, Think before you write

6) Be Grateful for what you have and remember its for eternity

I have a few things to say in regards to this particular blogger "C" If bogging is for venting your frustrations out for the whole world to see and the expectation is that No one will add comments to the blog. This saddens me due to the lack of understanding this blogger has. I say GET A JOURNAL. Also the next time the thought come in your mind to write about a familt menber that may come across negatively think of this question " Is my blog more important to me then my Eternal family" If your blog is that important to bolgger "C", I feel so sad for this blogger, because they have lacked the understanding of how to be kind and understanding about those around them.... They are selfish and only think of them selves.

I know I have broken a few of my edicet rule but this it to prove a point. I do not care if this come back and bites me in the BUTT bring it on LOL