Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A tribute to Amazing, wonderful Women

I have been thinking about all the blessing I have had in my life. I had an overwhelming feeling come over me and the women that are listed here all came to my mind. I would say most of them are sent from my Heavenly Father that knows me. Its not so much the number of women in my life that have I have been blessed by. Its how they have affected me.

I would like to pay tribute to a few of them. First and foremost is my Mother. For some, that read this know that I am adopted and I was raised by a great person. My mother has wisdom, insight, humble, endurance, and Love beyond her years. She knew that I was to be apart of her family even before she knew. My mother stopped at nothing so that I can have the best education possible. My mother loves to read and I have always loved that she educates her mind all the time. She has passed it to me because I love being educated. She always encourage me to never settle for anything that you want. The sky is the limit. My mother has taught me that no mater what happened that you need to endure to the end. I know my mother will always be there Even thought the eternity's. She taught me to seek for eternally family.

Second is my grade five resource room Teacher. I can honestly say that she is a marvelous person. She has showed me courage, strength, kindness, selfless and charity. This Teacher is a teacher that would go the extra mile for a student. She has shown such sacrifice of her own personal life to help all her students. She would call this being a work alcoholic and being a perfectionist. I don't see it that way. I would go and help her to get of the school before 7 o'clock on a Friday so that she could have some time to her self. I say she has strength and courage because of her own personal struggles. I have seen her come through with a new brightness upon her and its demonstrated through her husband and children. She is full of so many talents that it cease to amaze me what else she is capable of. She was one of the person who has helped me through some of my things with out showing a hesitation. She taught me that its okay to sacrifice your time for some one else

Third is my friend who is also a teacher. The words that describe this person is funny, Solidity, wisdom and endurance. A single mom who is devoted to helping her children active what they want in life (with in reason). If I have ever seen a women who has had trial have trial in the life its is her, in yet she has positive out look on life. She has taught me that what you put out into the world is what you are going to get back. That takes will power to keep your mind focused on the good things in life. She never gave up on me, for example when I was failing Social studies and had to re due the class. She took the time out to tutor me because she and I both knew I could pass this class. She has always been there when I need someone to chat to about my crazy life. She taught me to look forward not back wards

This friend I have known since I was 12 years old watch her raise a family of five boys. I look at this woman and think a great example of virtue, patience, love and charity. I remember her helping get my young women's Medallions. She was determined that I would get them before I left young woman's. She knew I could do these things. I would go over to here house to work on these goals and you know what she and I did complete them all. All I can say is that is women is good example because she got me to actually attend Young Woman's camp for my first and last time in Young woman. I know she is always there for me and helps me keep things in perspective and real. I am great full for her example and her children. She taught me to show humility.

WOW this friend is also a teacher but retired. I think I really connect well with teachers. She is inspired by divine inspirations, humble, talented, and charitable. This woman is remarkable who is and has devoted her time in helping those that are less fortunate by making baby packages for baby's that are in need. She is inspired by the spirit because I recall a time when I first met this outstanding woman. She was specking to our congregation and I knew she was specking to me. Even though I never met her. I know that she too was sent to me to guide me though what I need to go though. She has such strong values and she is always teaching or reminding me what I need or could be doing to help myself out. She is the kind of person that her home is always open. She taught me to endure to the end.

My Best friend is an outstanding woman of faith, virtue, endurance, strength and unconditional love. I have know this women for a long time. She was one of the girls in my life that had always been there when I need anything. We have so much in common. I believe we knew each other before we came to earth because of our instant friendship. She is the kind of person to never give up on someone and hopes that they will see their true potential. She has a faith in that is reflected in her countenance. I admire her for her strength, courage and endurance. She has taught me true faith.

I can say that all these women have given me something I will be able to pass on to my children when I have them. They have shown me what pure love is, pure charity is, true beauty is, humility is, Faithfulness is and have Saved me in some form or another. No mater what is happening in my life I knew that I could turn to any one of these women and have a safe haven to go to if i need one. I know that I am the person I am to day because of these women. Each of them have touched my heart and I only pray that I can be able to touch the lives around me.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blogging edicet

I have recently come a cross a blogger that I was really disappointed in. This Blogger was venting and complaining about a gift they had received from a family member. They Clearly didn't like the gift and thought it was tacky. I know everyone is entitled to there own option in Blogging but I do how ever realizes that there needs to be some edicet for this Blogger. So I have thought of edicet rules

1) Be Smart, Blogging is not for personal Journal such as Venting Frustration about friends and family.

2) Be Positive, Dissing your in laws gift is a BIG NO NO

3) Be Funny, Tell funny stories that happen but leave out hurtful things

4) Be True, would you like to read things about you that are mean

5)Be Humble, Think before you write

6) Be Grateful for what you have and remember its for eternity

I have a few things to say in regards to this particular blogger "C" If bogging is for venting your frustrations out for the whole world to see and the expectation is that No one will add comments to the blog. This saddens me due to the lack of understanding this blogger has. I say GET A JOURNAL. Also the next time the thought come in your mind to write about a familt menber that may come across negatively think of this question " Is my blog more important to me then my Eternal family" If your blog is that important to bolgger "C", I feel so sad for this blogger, because they have lacked the understanding of how to be kind and understanding about those around them.... They are selfish and only think of them selves.

I know I have broken a few of my edicet rule but this it to prove a point. I do not care if this come back and bites me in the BUTT bring it on LOL

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Church Callings

Well as some of you may know I have recently moved into a family ward. Granted in has been a good experiences thous so far. Things are quite different from a singles ward to a family ward one being children in sacrament meeting. Yes I love kids and they make a world of difference to the meeting. When I was first coming to the ward I though watch me get a calling in the primary. Low and Behold that is exactly what happen in this situation.

Let me tell you the how this came about.

I was looking for a home in this particular ward and had informed my friend who just happened to be the primary president. When things were looking like I didn't have a place to move. I was given a place to stay with her and her lovely home this included all of my personal belongings as well. I was so blessed by this act of charity. My stay there was wonderful and great. I was able to build new relationships and stronger ones with other people.

During my stay there we would joke about what kind of calling I would get and that she could use me in the primary. I said couldn't teach and teaching is very scary. she simply replied that I could reach and that is not that difficult.

After things had settled and I did find a place to live. That week she approached me by asking if I would mind giving my thoughts and my option about a child that had recently moved into the ward with autistic behaviours. Right then I thought to my self after meeting her "watch me get this calling". She also wondered what I thought if she would put my name in with other people she had in mind. I really don't remember what I said except that I didn't want to be isolated from the ward because I didn't know very many people.

It funny how things all work out because I was so afraid of getting a teaching calling that I was thinking about teaching a lot... I was at church one day after moving my things out of there house and into my new place. When the primary president gave a talk in church regarding teaching the primary children and the manuals for each level . After that talk I informed her that I was okay with teaching also that I learned and like her talk.

Well after church a member of the bishop brick l asking me to meet with him next week.... I knew full well that it was a calling. I also had though its going to be in the primary. I waited and anticipated what the calling was going to be all week. Like it says in the bible and it came to pass that I had received a call and the call was to be a primary teacher, but in a special way. The child I had met a few weeks back was the child I am going to be teaching. Granted I was scared and thought first why me, what could I possible teach this child. I stayed up late worrying about the first day and how this was going to work. With butter fly in my stomach I fell asleep hoping and praying that I wouldn't screw it up.

I had met with this child the day before i was going to be set apart. I found out some things about the child and things she liked and didn't like... I wanted to be knowable so i bought books to aid me in my understanding of Autism. Not only form a parents view but a siblings view.

This has been very helpful in this journey. I have learned thus so far that life is too short. That if we are running to fast every thing is just a blur on fast ward. We need to stop look, listen and see that little things that may be passing us by. this is a very had thing for me because I am so used to being the person to go go go go and not to stop, look, listen and see whats really happening around me... not so much work but MY live.

I can honestly say that this calling is be a blessing to me so far. I hope and pray that it will bless others as well.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life changes

This past year as been a eye opening experiences trying to except the fact that I am single and turning 30. I don't really think is excepting the age thing but truly feeling like you are mature and know were you are going in this life. I have always thought that my life would be full of children always running around me laughing, crying and playing games or tricks on me. All though the kids I have been around have either been work kids and other peoples kids. It has taught me to be more understanding, patent, excepting, and non judgmental.

How do measure someones maturity, responsibility and knows where there life is going? I always thought I that I was person that is grow up but I have come to the conclusion that no one ever really grown up or knows where there life is headed. I think especially this last month that I have had to rely on the Lord to help me find the job I wanted. The really challenging part was when I had to move and there was a place all planed out but then everything went to the wolves. I almost lost it and thought this is it I am never going to find what I want, I am going to have to live out of my car. This was really scary thought to me. I know that would never really happen because I know lots of people in the city. I am at a wonderful home that full of everything I would want in my own home (one day I will have my own House), it clean, inviting, loving people, understanding people, almost a worry free feeling when I am here. I have nothing but respect for the Hirsches. I kept trying to look for places and one day after someone came up to me and said it looks like your going to have a nervous break down. I simply relayed that might just happen. I explained my situation and two days later I have place to live (except with out my cat),. This is really hard for me because I am lonely and found out that I really have NO true friends any more. So once again I am faced with trying to find something I truly like doing. I am learning to live my life and not let life come to me. I have always had the hope of life starting after you get married or have kids but NO it doesn't work that way.
I have so many dreams that I would like and will fulfill one day, I think it trying to except the time line that's not always that time line you like and see for your self. I think keeping the faith is one my biggest trials here on this earth and knowing that the Lord knows me, Loves and wants me to be something he knows I can be. In my Heart that's what I want to be.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New begins

Today I had a second interview with "Be My Parent" which is a job I applied for in the middle of July. To job is working with applicans for Foster Care and or adoptions, which is something I hav wanted to do since school. I went for the interview and thought I did well but not as wells I expected because I got the job. I am so excited to start this job but a little apprehensive too because its new and I am praying I do well and thing come easily to me. I am amazed how I have gotten my answers to my hidden prays. I have been struggling with some thing in my life and thinking I need a Vacation from one of the most important aspect of who I am.
I have to say I am so thankful for my Mother and how she is full of wisdom. I only hope I can be as helpful or insightful to my children when they need advice. I know my mother has sacrificed a lot for me and some times I have no idea how to repay her. I know My Mother was and is the person who was and is supposed to raise me. I owe part of my success to her and her patients kindness, hard working, role model, caring, Loving unconditionally, and insight.
I am truly blessed in my life with a loving parents, friends, the Gospel Job, roof over my head, clothing, food, car, entertainment
I just wanted to Say thank you to the people who helped me though life and especially to my Savior.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Well tonight is the night were the world finds out who Bella will chose will it be Edward or Jacob. I must say that the to of them both have special things about them. I see in this book a change though out the characters. Edward being less controlling, selfless in leaving Bella to keep her from the dangers of him. Jacob is a fun loving guy to begin with but he can be arrogant and self observed. Yes he wants whats best for Bella but he is only going on his instincts of being a Werewolf. I see what i want and i am going to try my darnedest to to get it. I would have to say in this final book i hope Bella chooses Edward. I can't wait to read the book

Monday, June 9, 2008

Midnight thoughts

Well its 2 am and I have a million thoughts running through my mind. I am wondering about life and where I am headed. I am going to be embarking on a journey that will make me grow into a professional photographer. I am going to be doing this all by correspondence. This is really scary to me because I have never done anything like this with school. I have always been the kind of girl who sits a the front of the class room, looking like a keener. I have always had a passion for taking photos took some classes in high school but never went any further. Ever since I purchased a Canon Rebel that uses film that passion has returned. I know its all about trial and error with film and i have seen where I can improve. I recently had the opportunity to take photos with a digital camera that my best friend let me use while on my vacation to Utah and San Fransisco. I don`t have any of those photos yet but hopefully soon and I will explain them to all that read this. Any way I really want to get a digital camera to see my results quicker. The school I will be taking it through is New York institution of photography. I have a friend that will be taking this will me, we both have this passion

I recently went on a photo shoot of Twilger Park and the Legislative building. Some of the shots of me were not pleasant but here goes nothing.

Me and Barb a friend of mine were driving around and spotted this Monument. I thought it looked interesting.

This is my friend Barb, she was a lot of fun when we were out shooting photos. There are some funny ones of her that make me laugh and brings out her personality.

I thought this was funny... Its locked and no one is home.

My first thoughts of this pictures was humpty dumpty.

Every body was Kungfu Fighting.

We hiked through some muddy hills, walked through ant hills got get right by the water to get these shots. I will do almost any thing to get shots likes this. I only wish I had a digital and a telephoto lens.

The trails were captivating and inspiring. Its amazing how you are in a city when you are in the parks around Edmonton, it dosen`t seem like your in a city when you can get this close to nature.

The Funnest thing we saw that day was Asparagus growing randomly in the forest by the river. It was such a shock we took a picture of it.

The to the ledge we went, one of my favorite
places to take photos of people.

The Parliament building. I love the Arctic of this building.

Barb and Me doing our thing for a photo op.

I really like this tree it has aways inspired me. We did take pictures of us in the tree but I don`t like how I trued out in it. Man it was a pain to get into that tree.

I love this pic of me I actually look good.

I was trying to be creative with this one but I didn`t quite get it right maybe next time. In this picture it is Barb and Megan.

My first Family portered I don`t think i did too bad. I know this family because i lived with the girl in the photo for about a year before she got married. Now they have a beautiful son.

The was a group of grads that were taking pictures and I thought i could get a great shot of all of them. They all looked fabulous. The ledge is a popular place to take weddings, grads and family photos.

Well I am hoping that some of these shots have potential and that maybe one day i will be able to take even better photos. These are my thoughts at new 3 am PS just to make by friend happy i had to post lots of photos. LOL

Friday, May 16, 2008

Whos looking out for us

Well I have been thinking about my brother who recently got into a car accident and how he walked away from it. I am hoping all is well with him soon. He is a great brother and has a wonderful girl friend that is and will be nursing him back to health. I am reminded of how we all have somebody looking out for us in our darkest, helpless, and loneliest moments in our lives. I just wanted to put it out there that we all should remember what we have garden angles.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Looking back

Well thinking about this past year I have discovered that there has been some interesting things. One i Love once again to a new place which it helped me to regain some happy thoughts because i was becoming a downer due to my situation.

The house i moved into which I like to call the Geto house. Now the reason for its name is because it looked like it the sixty's blow up in it because of the horrendous painting job of bright orange and yellow. I haven't even got to the kitchen which as florescent green I swear they are painted counter tops. the worst part about the house is the wood window frames with the window panes built into to it.

I discovered face book which Intel's me to keep in touch with my friends and make new ones as well. the thing that surprised me the most about face book was that my mother joined. granted she only checks her account once and a while but its great to see her keeping up with the times.

Well i felt this year i need to make a change in my jobs because i wasn't being challenge anymore so i went part time working for catholic social services to working full time with Cheers by design/CEO doing wedding, galas, and corporate events. Well turns out i was given too much responsibility for one person and by the end of the year decided that i wanted to go back to school. So i went down to part time and looked a schooling.

No there are some sad moments of the my year and the is the loss of my dear cat Ezra. she went out side and never came back. The cat came back the very next day didn't happen. I believe she has adopted a new family and I don't believe i will every see her again. Not to fear I got a new cat form a family that could no longer have the cat, her name is Chloe. She went into heat just before i was leaving for Christmas vacation and I left my roommate and a friend to listen to her meow all day long. She is awesome, she plays fetch, loves to cuddle, and play. I don't know if you have ever see the "Sparta" cat on YOU TUBE but i think she is like that cat because she always bits me. Speaking of YOU TUBE i discovered Achmed the dead terrierst. Jeff Dunham is so funny.

Yes i went home for Christmas and it was great. I got to see family i haven't seen in about 9 years. We laugh, cried, and my mom shed some tears of joy because she now retired from working at the bank. Oh and my brother is now engaged to a wounderful person and it happen on Christmas day. There wedding is going to be in the summer of 2008. They are talking about a gumboot wedding what ever that is. I pesonaly don't like gumboots because of the horendus memories of lossing them in quicksand mud as a child.