Thursday, April 19, 2007

Very frusterated with work

I really don't have much to say...... I have been working in a group home for the past four years and had a lot of changes during that time. I love working with children and family to help them gain a better relationship with in their family.
Over the last 6 months our house and plenty of other houses have had major changes to their homes. I would say one of the hardest change is going from a structured group home dealing with more negative behaviours such as phycialy attacking staff, clients and property. To a home that is less structured and deals with learning disability's that vary from ADD, ODD, reading comprehension, and very low fuctiontiong children that need the structuer. Its not really the learning challenges that is hard to deal with, it's the parents. They placed their child in care because they are unable to deal with the challenges themselves. I am a person who can take a lot of negative things thrown at me, but the one thing i really don't like is manipulation of things. What am I doing here?

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Crazy Neighbors

Well it has been a week since our last incident with our Neighbors, and once again he was intoxicated and tried to break into our house. This time he went to his house sooner but we were inside the house getting freaked out. So my roommate called the police they came and hauled his butt out of the house to the police station. this all happen at 11pm. Then at 2:30 am our other neighbors from the same house came to house and started to bang on our door. My roommate and I open the door slowly and asked who he was. He said he was the neighbors and wanted to apologizes for his roommates behaviour. But it didn't stop there he was trying to justify his roommates actions by saying he is a harmless guy and that he just didn't know where he was. I simply said you don't need to get drunk to have a good time and if you are so drunk that you can't remember where you are, you need to go to AA meeting or you kick him out of your house. His replay was that he is not that kind of person. He didn't like having the police coming to his house. We don't like feeling like we are being broken in on. Well His replay was I don't' like having dog mess on my yard by i don't call the police and we simply said that having dog mess on you Yard is not that same as having someone try and break in to your house. He agreed. He was getting more and more verbally aggressive with us so we just closed that door and the next thing I knew I saw him smash our scree door window. We were so scared at that point that we called the police, land lord, and our Bishop. After the whole ordeal we went to say at someone House for the night. But I am thinking if this continues I am moving out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I am a Hero (I believe)

Well last Friday I was not having the best day ever. I think I am P.M.S., off medication reactions, or just too stressed out. Any way I was sent home from work early so I decided to get a Blessing to help me feel better. I later went out with my friend Colleen (she is the one the helped me get better at snowboarding). As we were out Colleen gets this phone call from my roommate saying there is emergency at the house. She informs me that there is some guy on our yard saying "stay way or I will hurt you" My roommate get the friend she was with to come into the house. She calls the Land Lords and then the police because the guy tried to break into our house. So I come to the house with my car. I drive on to the yard and honked my horn. I said to this guy that the cops have been called and get off my property now. The guy was mumbling something, I need know what he was saying. So I asked if he was knew where he was. I informed him of the addressed he was at. He got up and staggered to the house next to us and went into the house. My roommate and my friend were still scared even after the fact the police came and the neighbour's came and talked to us. The guy was to come by and apologizes to us because he recked the screen door's and scared us (but not me) but he has not don't it. I believe I am a hero because i got him off the yard