Thursday, August 14, 2008

New begins

Today I had a second interview with "Be My Parent" which is a job I applied for in the middle of July. To job is working with applicans for Foster Care and or adoptions, which is something I hav wanted to do since school. I went for the interview and thought I did well but not as wells I expected because I got the job. I am so excited to start this job but a little apprehensive too because its new and I am praying I do well and thing come easily to me. I am amazed how I have gotten my answers to my hidden prays. I have been struggling with some thing in my life and thinking I need a Vacation from one of the most important aspect of who I am.
I have to say I am so thankful for my Mother and how she is full of wisdom. I only hope I can be as helpful or insightful to my children when they need advice. I know my mother has sacrificed a lot for me and some times I have no idea how to repay her. I know My Mother was and is the person who was and is supposed to raise me. I owe part of my success to her and her patients kindness, hard working, role model, caring, Loving unconditionally, and insight.
I am truly blessed in my life with a loving parents, friends, the Gospel Job, roof over my head, clothing, food, car, entertainment
I just wanted to Say thank you to the people who helped me though life and especially to my Savior.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Well tonight is the night were the world finds out who Bella will chose will it be Edward or Jacob. I must say that the to of them both have special things about them. I see in this book a change though out the characters. Edward being less controlling, selfless in leaving Bella to keep her from the dangers of him. Jacob is a fun loving guy to begin with but he can be arrogant and self observed. Yes he wants whats best for Bella but he is only going on his instincts of being a Werewolf. I see what i want and i am going to try my darnedest to to get it. I would have to say in this final book i hope Bella chooses Edward. I can't wait to read the book