Sunday, November 16, 2008

Church Callings

Well as some of you may know I have recently moved into a family ward. Granted in has been a good experiences thous so far. Things are quite different from a singles ward to a family ward one being children in sacrament meeting. Yes I love kids and they make a world of difference to the meeting. When I was first coming to the ward I though watch me get a calling in the primary. Low and Behold that is exactly what happen in this situation.

Let me tell you the how this came about.

I was looking for a home in this particular ward and had informed my friend who just happened to be the primary president. When things were looking like I didn't have a place to move. I was given a place to stay with her and her lovely home this included all of my personal belongings as well. I was so blessed by this act of charity. My stay there was wonderful and great. I was able to build new relationships and stronger ones with other people.

During my stay there we would joke about what kind of calling I would get and that she could use me in the primary. I said couldn't teach and teaching is very scary. she simply replied that I could reach and that is not that difficult.

After things had settled and I did find a place to live. That week she approached me by asking if I would mind giving my thoughts and my option about a child that had recently moved into the ward with autistic behaviours. Right then I thought to my self after meeting her "watch me get this calling". She also wondered what I thought if she would put my name in with other people she had in mind. I really don't remember what I said except that I didn't want to be isolated from the ward because I didn't know very many people.

It funny how things all work out because I was so afraid of getting a teaching calling that I was thinking about teaching a lot... I was at church one day after moving my things out of there house and into my new place. When the primary president gave a talk in church regarding teaching the primary children and the manuals for each level . After that talk I informed her that I was okay with teaching also that I learned and like her talk.

Well after church a member of the bishop brick l asking me to meet with him next week.... I knew full well that it was a calling. I also had though its going to be in the primary. I waited and anticipated what the calling was going to be all week. Like it says in the bible and it came to pass that I had received a call and the call was to be a primary teacher, but in a special way. The child I had met a few weeks back was the child I am going to be teaching. Granted I was scared and thought first why me, what could I possible teach this child. I stayed up late worrying about the first day and how this was going to work. With butter fly in my stomach I fell asleep hoping and praying that I wouldn't screw it up.

I had met with this child the day before i was going to be set apart. I found out some things about the child and things she liked and didn't like... I wanted to be knowable so i bought books to aid me in my understanding of Autism. Not only form a parents view but a siblings view.

This has been very helpful in this journey. I have learned thus so far that life is too short. That if we are running to fast every thing is just a blur on fast ward. We need to stop look, listen and see that little things that may be passing us by. this is a very had thing for me because I am so used to being the person to go go go go and not to stop, look, listen and see whats really happening around me... not so much work but MY live.

I can honestly say that this calling is be a blessing to me so far. I hope and pray that it will bless others as well.