Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Objectifying women

We have come so fare form how women and men are treated as objects in the work place.  I have recently come across several situations where young women are being reduced to having to dress a certain way in order to have a job.  I do agree that we have to have some professionalism and want to take care of how you look further more we need appreciate ourselves.  Young girls are very impressionable because they are still trying to figure out who they are even in their early 20's.When a girl goes to the club and get a business card handed to her to work at a place like Hooters, Moxie's, and Earls because she has the right body type for their so call image.  I gut that you need to be attractive to bring customer, however I do not agree with if a girl has the "right body type" that this is reason they should get hired.  It seems it is mostly men that own these establishments and I will have to say that these men are objectifying these women that want to make money by through severs people in the food industry and to earn tips based on her costumer service skills.   The manager will tell you what you can and can not ware to work which is far however when a person has a medical condition that indicates that they can not ware stiletto heals because of bad knees they should be made to accommodate that person.  What girl goes out clubbing and wares stiletto heals the whole time and dressing in a tight miny skirt.  Yes there are girls out there that do dress that way to accurate men however they have issues of their own and maybe they are the girls wanting to work in those places then go for it.  I do not agree with making young women dress like a prostitutes in order to have a certain image and when they do not have a short, or tight enough skirt or shirt that is reveling.

The insecurity of women is so high and the managers of these places do not understand the long term affect of this kind of objectifying women to dress a certain way.  I can almost gerentee that some of the girls that work at these establishments could most likely have issues with their body which intern makes issues with their self esteem.   The women in the service industry need to be heard and respected for who they are as a person and not for what they look like on the outside.   I also think that women in these establishments are even seen as objects by the coworkers because the guy may think that the girl is wanting to hook up with but in all reality its just a job to her.  this can lead to dangerous situations for the women.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another years has come and gone

Where did 2008 go? As I started writing in a few Christmas Cards this year I started writing a novel in them letting them know what I have been doing this past year. Its funny the more I started to write the more I started to remember. Which got me thinking that I didn't write down any of my grand adventures.

Well this year has had lots of changes starting with me quitting my decor job because my boss had way too much expectations of me. Where clearing the Job requires two to three and even four people to carrying the job off right. You know me I need to get the Job done right because I am a neat freak. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed see the finished product of the decor and the ideas that were amazing. Like the star trek enterprise. She had some one make a replica of the ship.

Christmas time was such a hand full I say if never had to decorate or carry another Christmas tree again in my life I think I would be rather happy with that. I got a lot of ideas for my wedding that I would love to create or have.

During this time I had some potential prospects of possible boys to date. One of them was actually going to come to Edmonton and hang out for about a week. We would talk on the phone all night you could say and have really good conversations. Unfortunately this match was not in the cards. I think he is a great person but he was just not for me. I did how ever lean something about myself and what I would like to see in a potential boy to husband.

Well for 8 months after quitting my job, I went back to work with Catholic Social Services as a replacement worker. I found out that I had reached the 5 years mark in May apparently. They seem to think I am a lifer. I just laugh and say nope. I work as a replacement work in a few of the home taking shifts because staff was sick, on leave or vacations. I worked at one particular house constantly. I Loved working in this home because of the staff, they all tried to get me to come on as a full time worker. I was wanting the Monday to Friday dream job only working during the day. Working for those homes was great I got in touch with some old clients I had worked with and made some new bonds with the new ones that come in. I met some great staff and I am helping in Planning her wedding and I am also in the bridal party as well. I am so excited for her and her fiancee. Speaking of weddings, we have this person called Nurse Linda that comes in with fairy cards. Now to me fairy cards are like taro cards they periodic the future. Well I don't believe in them I just do this to amuse Nurse Linda. So I pick one day and I get the Marriage card and I start to laugh because the card said. You will have someone close to you get married soon and I will meet my future companion at this wedding. Also that your ideas of marriage needs to change. I just laugh and think its so funny, mean while every day this child that I work with reminds me of my so call commitment issues I have with being married.  I just pay no attention to it and move on with my day because I know this particular child is just trying to get a rise out of me. How ever I was working NON stop, I would work any were between 100 hours every two and half weeks to 155 hours every two and half weeks. Yes very crazy I know.  What made this even more funny was the fact that my Brother was getting married this summer and I would be attending this wedding.  Well I knew darn well that I would not be finding my future husband there because of my brothers life style does not fit well with mine.  

During this time I was consonantly looking for jobs that would offer me my dream job. I had applied for a Social worker position but never got the job. I figured it was because I hadn't have experience working in a office doing admin stuff. I have always been kinda afraid of those kinds of jobs because of my struggles with spelling and remembering things. I say I wanted this dream job and Low and behold I found it. Late in the summer I had applied for a job at Be My Parents. Its funny how this happens because I was on the computer and I typed in Foster care, adoptions and they popped up on my Google search. So I applied not thinking I would get the job. Low and behold i got the job and started in September.

Now don't get me wrong about all the work I was doing. Work alcoholic yes but I did how ever take some time for my self and friends. I took a trip to Utah Salt Lake and then to San Fransisco. I also got to go to Waterton, Cardston, and Buffalo head smashed with a friend.

Colleen and I drove from Edmonton Alberta to Utah to attend Conference. Is is a conference that happens twice a year and I had never been there and always wanted to do. Colleen wanted to go because she was a new member of the church and really wanted to see Salt Lake and go to San Fransisco. I loved to Drive at night so we left Edmonton around 6pm and got to Salt Lake the next day at 12 noon. The things that kept me going were energy drinks and my new car stereo that players my Ipod.

In Salt lake we stayed at my Best-est Best friend Sherry. I haven't been to see her in years but we are like sister. She is a photographer and had to do a wedding shoot not fair off from Temple square the night we arrived. Before that Me and Colleen walked around Temple square enjoy the wonderful spirit that is felt there and walking through the visitors center. This was Colleens first time to Utah because she had just became a member to the church.  I wanted to give her the best experience as possible because I know how I felt when I want down to Temple square for the first time.  We had to reasons to head to Utah first was conference and then head to San Fransisco

Colleen, Sherry and My self traveled to San Fransisco as a girls weekend way with not boys.  We left right after Conference and had little stops along the way.  One of the places we stopped at was the Salt Flats, which was amazingly bright. The pictures were taken mostly by my good friend and I have some but can not fingure out who took what.

I drove for 12 hours state and when we got there it was in the middle of the night and had to search for the hotel I booked.  I crashed because I was the only one driving because none of the other people in the car either could not drive at night or did not have a drivers license. 

The activities that was the most exciting and adventurous was when we went to the Golden Gate Bring because we went driving round and found the beach that most post cards shot from for San Fransisco.  We were also able to get our feet wet. 

 We were also able to hang out at fishermen wharf and take our adventures to the ALCATRAZ were we took pictures of us being prisoners just like on Prison Break.  Mostly because Sherry was obsessed about Prison Break.  We watch the whole first season on the way to San Fransisco.


I had decided to down south in Alberta with a friend we stoppted in several placese. This trip was all about just getting way and doing a road trip.   I wanted to work on my photography and also because it was a place I had not gone too and hear so much about those places. 

 Bufflelo head smashed in, was cool to see and learn about the buffelo that rome here also about the aboringinal poeple and their beautiful culture.


Waterton and the Rock river were amazing,  I can not wait to go back to those places.  It reminds me of BC with the mountines and the water Home sweet home to me.

The job I started in Setpember was BE My Parents, this was my dream job because I had my own clients, office and important meetings to attend.  This job working with people that wanted to adopt, or foster youth / children that were in care.  I was able to give a clear indication as to what kind of children peopel were accaully getting and also I could get them to think about if adoption or fostering this was really for them.  I find that majorty of people that would want to foster are just thinking about the money and not about the youth that would becoming into the home.  I know that some family are caring and do have a supportive inviroment but we do not hear so much about those family mostly about the ones that fail. 

Moving once a gain for the 12 time since I have lived in Edmonton. Friends telling me she started a new page in her address book because I have moved so much.  For one month I stayed with a dear friend of mine, and then moved into the Rivervally Ward in Edmonton.  This ward is great because I already knew some people and I felt that this was the right ward for me to become aquantied with being in a Family Ward as I was single and not married. 

Getting a new Carma Canon 40 D digital to start my photography class that is through New York Institute of Photography. Because I wanted to improve my photography skill and to one day have my own studio in my house to take portraits.  

Moving into a family ward from a single adult ward. the calling I got was in the primary working with an idividual that has autism.  This family was great to work with and I was able to have the parent s enjoy church while their daughter was in primary.  I was then placed with another little guy that has so much personality and love.  I did not last long in primary because I was not comfortable teaching in church because I am not confident in the scriptures.

My roommate and I have a mutural friend that we wanted to give her a christmas present too. however what do you give someone that has every thing.  So we came up with looking after all of her grandchildren so that the adults could go out for dinner and have a setion at the temple as a family.  We baby sat  11 childern from the ages 3-11 it was so much fun.  The kids were able to make a craft to put on the christmas tree for their Nana and Papa.  Wow what a year 2008

Friday, July 6, 2012

Epipheny always on the rise for me

As I continue my education I am constantly reminded about how others in the world are treated unfairly.  In some countries they do not have proper shelter, food, clean running water, equal rights, freedom of speech, or even freedom of spirituality.  I realized that globalization has defiled our world but has also benefited developing economies.  It would seem that people in developing countries want third world countries to have the same opportunities they have.  However, it comes with a prices through rights, environmental issues, and health concerns.  The devolving countries want their economy to grow and do so by having cheap labor (sweat shops), lower standers for environmental wast and poor health care.  What I find so profound is that so many of this people living in places with turmoil they have such gratitude for even the smallest amount of services that is given to them.  After celebrating our Nations Birthday it is was wonderful, to be reminded about how much gratitude I have for living in this country and in my life. There are many things people are grateful for like food, shelter, running water, spirituality, and freedom. Gratitude is an interesting word that has profound meaning for each individual.  Gratitude stems from the tender Mercer of God that are given to us everyday.  Through out the world right now there are wars, tribulations, or sacrifices in which people are trying to achieve a glimpse of freedom.  I sometimes feel so helpless because the world is so big and how is one person suppose to make a difference.  To be able to be freely educated regardless of gender is so powerful because it indicates that women are not just a pretty face but they have thoughts and ideas that are useful to societies. The power that women have to vote is profound due to that women are equal to men and that women should have a say in how the world is run.  The world now was not always this way, I would hope the world never heads backward but improve on how we communicate with others.

To know how the world works is important because we can then understand how to support others in the world.  However we do not want to force people to change it has to be by there choice.   From my point of view it would seem that governments, sometimes go into helping a country however they have no idea how to infect change in a positive way.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well it would seem that there are a few things preventing me from falling asleep tonight. First being the fact that i spent the about three hours with a car dealer trying to figure out if I could get a Nissan Versa. They are only going to give me auto windows, locks, and key less entry, tinted window and car starter. Turns out that it is really expensive car and out of my price range. How ever I really like the way it handles on the road. The other car is the Hyundai Elontra Touring. I really like how this car handles on the road as well. Its a lot bigger then what my old car was and it has cruse control, A/C, heated mirrors and seats, axillary outlet for IPOD, Auto lock, auto windows, Heated rear wiper, tinted windows, car starter and Cell phone plug in not just through the cigarette lighter. Seems like a no brainier i guess but its really stressing me out. I think its because my old car was great and I had just finish paying it off and it gets hit and also put in a new stereo.
I am also very stressed out about finding a job. I have applied but didn't get any of them. I am just not sure what I can apply for. Some people think school, advertisement, and Secretary. All i want to do is find home for children. The government is Blind if they thing they can do a job with only 3 people when my company did it with 14. IF funny how the government want to cut back on sending and the first thing the take away from is the social human resources. Are we not suppose be helping our own people around us.
I am just trying to keep my self from falling apart.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Car accident

Well today was a productive day and achieved a lot. After work had planed to pick up some stuff for my roommate for dinner and then go snowboarding with my friend Steven. Steven was teaching me how to get comfortable on doing down the hill and to practise what he had taught me on our previous lesson. I felt I was doing alright, then all of a sudden we here this crash. I was part way down the hill when I here Steven say some guy just hit a tree, oh he hit a car.... Alison I think he hit your car. I was in a mad rush to get my board off my feet, when I finally got my board off I ran and dropped my board and hoped the fence to have a look. All I was trying to see was how bad the car was. I just couldn't believe my car was hit.

This is what I saw as I walked up to my Car. I was like my poor car and in shock that this had happen. I was so happy that every one was okay and that no one was injured. The guy that hit me asked me if my car was okay to be moved. I was about to move it and then thought No I need photos for my Insurance.

I was also though it was weird that my car ended up angled like this, it makes me wounder how fast he was going.

Apparently this is where he started to lose control over his car and never regained control. I think its about two or three car lengths that my car moved Crazy.

The car on the left had side saw every thing because the guy was trying to pass her on the right hand side and hit the ice fish tailed, she thought he had it under control but he didn't.

The guy that hit me talking on the phone to get his roommate and possibly talk to his insurance people

His car is not drivable any more.

My Poor car!!!! It funny I am making my last payment on this car this month. I had had someone hit me in the bumper a few years ago because she backed up into me with a trailer hitch attached to her vehicle. She was already and willing to get my bumper fixed. I guess it was just a mater of time before someone else came along and hit me. I phoned this lady and told her the good news for her but not for me.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Photography Classes

Well I have been taking a photography class. I have been taking pictures all manual and tyring different things with my camera.

I have know this girl for about a two years. She is a fun loving carefree, out going, and beautiful. I had a photo shoot with an amazing girl who was willing to be crazy and try different shots. She was fun to shot.

This was really cool to shoot, wanting to have the feeling of light in a dark place. It was fun to do because of the mirror and candle
I really like the capture of distance in her eyes.

This one seems to the esens of light

We wanted to have some glamor pictures that would portray the Gap and Posh look

This was a vision of sheer posh of glamor

I like this shot because it shows that she is in deep thougth right before the storm.
This is a great photo because its captures the essence of the beauty of before the storm

I really like working with this client she was so much fun and the her beauty makes the picture. She got me to think of things that I wouldn't have though of to do.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A tribute to Amazing, wonderful Women

I have been thinking about all the blessing I have had in my life. I had an overwhelming feeling come over me and the women that are listed here all came to my mind. I would say most of them are sent from my Heavenly Father that knows me. Its not so much the number of women in my life that have I have been blessed by. Its how they have affected me.

I would like to pay tribute to a few of them. First and foremost is my Mother. For some, that read this know that I am adopted and I was raised by a great person. My mother has wisdom, insight, humble, endurance, and Love beyond her years. She knew that I was to be apart of her family even before she knew. My mother stopped at nothing so that I can have the best education possible. My mother loves to read and I have always loved that she educates her mind all the time. She has passed it to me because I love being educated. She always encourage me to never settle for anything that you want. The sky is the limit. My mother has taught me that no mater what happened that you need to endure to the end. I know my mother will always be there Even thought the eternity's. She taught me to seek for eternally family.

Second is my grade five resource room Teacher. I can honestly say that she is a marvelous person. She has showed me courage, strength, kindness, selfless and charity. This Teacher is a teacher that would go the extra mile for a student. She has shown such sacrifice of her own personal life to help all her students. She would call this being a work alcoholic and being a perfectionist. I don't see it that way. I would go and help her to get of the school before 7 o'clock on a Friday so that she could have some time to her self. I say she has strength and courage because of her own personal struggles. I have seen her come through with a new brightness upon her and its demonstrated through her husband and children. She is full of so many talents that it cease to amaze me what else she is capable of. She was one of the person who has helped me through some of my things with out showing a hesitation. She taught me that its okay to sacrifice your time for some one else

Third is my friend who is also a teacher. The words that describe this person is funny, Solidity, wisdom and endurance. A single mom who is devoted to helping her children active what they want in life (with in reason). If I have ever seen a women who has had trial have trial in the life its is her, in yet she has positive out look on life. She has taught me that what you put out into the world is what you are going to get back. That takes will power to keep your mind focused on the good things in life. She never gave up on me, for example when I was failing Social studies and had to re due the class. She took the time out to tutor me because she and I both knew I could pass this class. She has always been there when I need someone to chat to about my crazy life. She taught me to look forward not back wards

This friend I have known since I was 12 years old watch her raise a family of five boys. I look at this woman and think a great example of virtue, patience, love and charity. I remember her helping get my young women's Medallions. She was determined that I would get them before I left young woman's. She knew I could do these things. I would go over to here house to work on these goals and you know what she and I did complete them all. All I can say is that is women is good example because she got me to actually attend Young Woman's camp for my first and last time in Young woman. I know she is always there for me and helps me keep things in perspective and real. I am great full for her example and her children. She taught me to show humility.

WOW this friend is also a teacher but retired. I think I really connect well with teachers. She is inspired by divine inspirations, humble, talented, and charitable. This woman is remarkable who is and has devoted her time in helping those that are less fortunate by making baby packages for baby's that are in need. She is inspired by the spirit because I recall a time when I first met this outstanding woman. She was specking to our congregation and I knew she was specking to me. Even though I never met her. I know that she too was sent to me to guide me though what I need to go though. She has such strong values and she is always teaching or reminding me what I need or could be doing to help myself out. She is the kind of person that her home is always open. She taught me to endure to the end.

My Best friend is an outstanding woman of faith, virtue, endurance, strength and unconditional love. I have know this women for a long time. She was one of the girls in my life that had always been there when I need anything. We have so much in common. I believe we knew each other before we came to earth because of our instant friendship. She is the kind of person to never give up on someone and hopes that they will see their true potential. She has a faith in that is reflected in her countenance. I admire her for her strength, courage and endurance. She has taught me true faith.

I can say that all these women have given me something I will be able to pass on to my children when I have them. They have shown me what pure love is, pure charity is, true beauty is, humility is, Faithfulness is and have Saved me in some form or another. No mater what is happening in my life I knew that I could turn to any one of these women and have a safe haven to go to if i need one. I know that I am the person I am to day because of these women. Each of them have touched my heart and I only pray that I can be able to touch the lives around me.