Monday, February 2, 2009

Photography Classes

Well I have been taking a photography class. I have been taking pictures all manual and tyring different things with my camera.

I have know this girl for about a two years. She is a fun loving carefree, out going, and beautiful. I had a photo shoot with an amazing girl who was willing to be crazy and try different shots. She was fun to shot.

This was really cool to shoot, wanting to have the feeling of light in a dark place. It was fun to do because of the mirror and candle
I really like the capture of distance in her eyes.

This one seems to the esens of light

We wanted to have some glamor pictures that would portray the Gap and Posh look

This was a vision of sheer posh of glamor

I like this shot because it shows that she is in deep thougth right before the storm.
This is a great photo because its captures the essence of the beauty of before the storm

I really like working with this client she was so much fun and the her beauty makes the picture. She got me to think of things that I wouldn't have though of to do.