Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well it would seem that there are a few things preventing me from falling asleep tonight. First being the fact that i spent the about three hours with a car dealer trying to figure out if I could get a Nissan Versa. They are only going to give me auto windows, locks, and key less entry, tinted window and car starter. Turns out that it is really expensive car and out of my price range. How ever I really like the way it handles on the road. The other car is the Hyundai Elontra Touring. I really like how this car handles on the road as well. Its a lot bigger then what my old car was and it has cruse control, A/C, heated mirrors and seats, axillary outlet for IPOD, Auto lock, auto windows, Heated rear wiper, tinted windows, car starter and Cell phone plug in not just through the cigarette lighter. Seems like a no brainier i guess but its really stressing me out. I think its because my old car was great and I had just finish paying it off and it gets hit and also put in a new stereo.
I am also very stressed out about finding a job. I have applied but didn't get any of them. I am just not sure what I can apply for. Some people think school, advertisement, and Secretary. All i want to do is find home for children. The government is Blind if they thing they can do a job with only 3 people when my company did it with 14. IF funny how the government want to cut back on sending and the first thing the take away from is the social human resources. Are we not suppose be helping our own people around us.
I am just trying to keep my self from falling apart.


Lisa S. Luckey said...

I hope you find a job soon, that's always so stressful.

Lisa (May/Moody)

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