Friday, July 6, 2012

Epipheny always on the rise for me

As I continue my education I am constantly reminded about how others in the world are treated unfairly.  In some countries they do not have proper shelter, food, clean running water, equal rights, freedom of speech, or even freedom of spirituality.  I realized that globalization has defiled our world but has also benefited developing economies.  It would seem that people in developing countries want third world countries to have the same opportunities they have.  However, it comes with a prices through rights, environmental issues, and health concerns.  The devolving countries want their economy to grow and do so by having cheap labor (sweat shops), lower standers for environmental wast and poor health care.  What I find so profound is that so many of this people living in places with turmoil they have such gratitude for even the smallest amount of services that is given to them.  After celebrating our Nations Birthday it is was wonderful, to be reminded about how much gratitude I have for living in this country and in my life. There are many things people are grateful for like food, shelter, running water, spirituality, and freedom. Gratitude is an interesting word that has profound meaning for each individual.  Gratitude stems from the tender Mercer of God that are given to us everyday.  Through out the world right now there are wars, tribulations, or sacrifices in which people are trying to achieve a glimpse of freedom.  I sometimes feel so helpless because the world is so big and how is one person suppose to make a difference.  To be able to be freely educated regardless of gender is so powerful because it indicates that women are not just a pretty face but they have thoughts and ideas that are useful to societies. The power that women have to vote is profound due to that women are equal to men and that women should have a say in how the world is run.  The world now was not always this way, I would hope the world never heads backward but improve on how we communicate with others.

To know how the world works is important because we can then understand how to support others in the world.  However we do not want to force people to change it has to be by there choice.   From my point of view it would seem that governments, sometimes go into helping a country however they have no idea how to infect change in a positive way.